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BMX Racing News - weekend update - October 2-4, 2015
2016 Chase Bicycles Edge line video with Pete D!





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BMX Racing News - weekend update - October 2-4, 2015

2016 Chase Bicycles Edge & element range announced and available now!
Chase Bicycles is proud to announce the launch of the 2016 Edge complete BMX Race bikes.

Pete Dylewski gives you a brief overview of the new bikes for the line.

For the full info on the Edge and Element Complete bikes, please check out



Chase Bicycles is proud to launch the 2016 line of Element complete BMX Race bikes.

Pete Dylewski gives you a brief overview of the new bikes for the 2016 line.

For full info on the line, check out

We are excited and proud to show you the line of new bikes from Chase Bicycles.

From our race team, to our dedicated staff of employees world wide, we are sure you will agree that the 2016 Chase BMX Bikes are the best bike in BMX racing today!

From Christophe Leveque and myself, Pete Dylewski, thanks so much for going on this ride with us!



BMX Racing News - Tuesday - September 28, 2015


Check back, complete race action photo gallery and race story to be posted!




BMX Racing News - wEekend update - September 25-26, 2015


2015 TIOGA PRO:file Alise Post from  on VIMEO!

Mariana Pajon & Niek Kimman Take Top Superfinal Time Trial Honors at Rock Hill!

Friday at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Rock Hill, South Carolina both Mariana Pajon and Niek Kimman won the top spot in the Time Trial Superfinal. Check out the photo gallery highlighting both Superfinal and Qualification racing at the World Cup on the BMX Mania Race Report Page, CLICK HERE!


Wet Wet Wet in Rock Hill, South Carolina this weekend for the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup but riders, coaches and BMXers from all over are hoping for some hot BMX race action as the Elite Men and Women hit the track for some great racing. BMX Mania Dot Com is on the scene to bring you great photos of the qualifications and finals competition. To check out Thursday's Practice Day pix, CLICK HERE!




BMX Racing News - wEDNESDAY/tHURSday - September 23-24, 2015

Crupi.....Racing BMX Since 1982!


The fine folks at BMX Argentina had a great idea......"While we have all of these world class riders in Santiago del Estero, why don't we run a Challenge Class race to give some of our South American fast guys a chance to get the feel of a UCI SX race, and run a few laps for some of the riders who didn't make it in to the top 64 for Sunday?"

So that's what they did and they called it the Argentina Cup. They ran the race Saturday night after the UCI BMX SX qualifications and Time Trial Superfinal were over. It turned out to be a pretty fun race with some super fast riders, keeping the SDE track HOT after the day's SX craziness. Check out the UCI SX ARGENTINA & ARGENTINA CUP Race Report Page for tons of UCI BMX SX photos PLUS the Argentina Cup Race Photos, they're BMX Race Intense!



BMX Racing News - Tuesday - September 22, 2015

European Cup in Switzerland in Echichens Round 7&8

Story & Photos / Vincent Champetier, BMX Mania EuroPorter ..... While a lot of the Euros are on their way to Rock  Hill or already there since the past SX. There were some UCI ( and “olympic”) points to be awarded in Switzerland.

ELITE MEN - Edžus TREIMANIS (Lat) won the first night in front of Joris HARMSEN (NL)  and Jordy VAN DER HEIJDEN(NL) while the Swisses W#3 David GRAF  and Renaud BLANC got respectively 4 and 5. Former Junior World Champion Yvan Lapraz seriously injured his hand while in the lead of his semi after being up front all evening. The next evening, both David GRAF  and Renaud BLANC stepped it up one big notch to finish 1-2 in front of Niels BENSINK (NL); Edžus TREIMANIS(Lat), caught in traffic had to settle for 5th.

W#3 David GRAF (SUI) escaping from the pack out of turn 1 with Renaud BLANC (373-SUI) working hard to free himself.

Round 7: 1-Edžus TREIMANIS(LAT), 2-Joris HARMSEN(NL), 3- Jordy VAN DER HEIJDEN(NL), 4-David GRAF(SUI),   5-Renaud BLANC(SUI),  6-Kristens KRIGERS(LAT), 7- Jeremy RENCUREL(FRA),  8- Thomas DOUCET(FRA)

Round 8: 1-David GRAF(SUI),   2-Renaud BLANC(SUI), 3- Niels BENSINK(NL),  4-Joris HARMSEN(NL),  5-Edžus TREIMANIS(LAT), 6-Kristens KRIGERS(LAT), 7- Jordy VAN DER HEIJDEN(NL),  8- Simon MARQUART(SUI)

ELITE WOMEN: With a reduced rider count due to the SX calendar, Elke VANHOOF(BEL) shows her consistency winning both days in front of Laura SMULDER(NL). The podium was completed by Nadja PRIES(GER) on Friday and Sandra ALEKSEJEVA(LAT) on Saturday. This weekend saw the comeback of Manon VALENTINO, the French Champion, to the international scene after a SX crash that took her out most of the 2015 season.

Elke VANHOOF(BEL) leading Elite Women’s Mains (Rd.7)

Round 7: 1-Elke VANHOOF(BEL), 2-Laura SMULDER(NL), 3-Nadja PRIES(GER), 4- Lieke KLAUS(NL), 5- Manon VALENTINO(FRA), 6-Abbie TAYLOR(UK), 7-Sandra ALEKSEJEVA(LAT), 8-Danielle VRENEGOOR(NL)

Round 8: 1-Elke VANHOOF(BEL), 2-Laura SMULDER(NL), 3-Sandra ALEKSEJEVA(LAT), 4- Abbie TAYLOR(UK), 5- Lieke KLAUS(NL), 6-Nadja PRIES(GER), 7-Manon VALENTINO(FRA), 8-Danielle VRENEGOOR(NL) 

JUNIOR MEN: The Claessens’ Family was part of the founders of that track 31 years ago so Bastien CLAESSENS(SUI) wanted to shine on his own turf. He put on a marvellous show lap after lap winning on Friday and taking 3rd on Saturday after some “bubbles” at the start in semi and main. Philip SCHAUB(GER), winner on saturday and Mathijs VERHOEVEN(BEL) completed the podium both days. Quite a feat when you see that Worlds finalists #6 VAN DER WIJST(NL), #7 RAGOT-RICHARD(FRA) and #8 J.KIMMANN(NL) only made the main once this weekend.

B.CLAESSENS(45-SUI) putting some style with M.VERHOEVEN(11-BEL) in chase mid-way through Friday’s Junior Men's Mains.

Round 7: 1-Bastien CLAESSENS(SUI), 2-Mathijs VERHOEVEN(BEL), 3-Philip SCHAUB(GER), 4- Ugo BALLERINI(SUI), 5- Théo CHAPPELLE(FRA), 6- Justin KIMMANN(NL), 7- RAGOT-RICHARD(FRA), 8- Andy RUTS(BEL)

Round 8: 1-Philip SCHAUB(GER), 2-Mathijs VERHOEVEN(BEL), 3-Bastien CLAESSENS(SUI), 4- Alexandre CURRON(FRA), 5- Martti SCIORTINO(ITA), 6- Ugo BALLERINI(SUI), 7-Koen VAN DER WIJST(NL), 8- Ruben GOMMERS(BEL)

JUNIOR WOMEN: French National Champion, the ever-smiling Axelle ETIENNE(FRA) is the W#1 Junior in both race and TT and lately it’s a race for the 2nd place for the rest of the gate : Merel SMULDERS(NL) is right on her heels and Margot HETMANCZYK(FRA) close by (when not taking a "soil sample”) but Axelle is by herself in the first turn and in cruise control after the 2nd straight. Buying her time to race in Elite…

W#1 A.ETIENNE(FRA) keeping a decent lead M.SMULDERS(34-NL) and M.HETMANcZYK(18-FRA) midway through Saturday’s Junior W Main

Round 7: 1- Axelle ETIENNE(FRA), 2-Merel SMULDERS(NL), 3-Christelle BOIVIN(SUI), 4- Hege Haga IDSOE(NOR), 5-Karo VERTESSEN(BEL),6- Christa A. VON NIEDERHAUESERN(SUI), 7- Sandra PAKOVIC(GER), 8-<DNF> Margot HETMANCZYK(FRA)

Round 8: 1- Axelle ETIENNE(FRA), 2-Merel SMULDERS(NL), 3-Margot HETMANCZYK(FRA), 4- Christa A. VON NIEDERHAUESERN(SUI), 5- Melanie UHR(SUI), 6- Manon VEENSTRA(NL), 7- Hege Haga IDSOE(NOR), 8-Sandra PAKOVIC(GER)




BMX Racing News - thursday/friday - September 17/18, 2015

Win Arielle Martin-Verhaaren's Olympic Jersey and Help a GREAT Cause!

From Arielle Martin-Verhaaren, BMX Olympian and BMX Lady Legend.....The moment that I put on my Olympic uniform for the first time on July 29, 2012 was the proudest moment in my 23yr BMX career. It was the realization of a dream I had since I was 10yrs old, and while my injury the very next day prevented me from wearing it to compete for a medal at the games, it hangs on my wall where I can see it every day as a reminder of what hard work, perseverance, and heart can accomplish.

I had 3 identical jerseys made for the games, one is hanging on my wall, one is folded up safely with the rest of my Olympic memorabilia and the last one I have donated to be auctioned by Pennys for GSD. Glycogen Storage Disease is a genetic disease that prevents proper storage and usage of glycogen which is the primary energy source for the body.

I wouldn't part with that jersey for just any cause, but I know two very special little children who have the disease and their mom, who is a dear friend and was a part of my Olympic journey as an athletic trainer, has started a non-profit organization to raise awareness and funds for research for a cure. It takes a lot to keep these little sweethearts alive and were it not for advances in modern medicine and diagnosis they wouldn't be here today.

I hope that my one of a kind jersey goes to a good home and can be a small part of the journey in research for GSD.

Bidding opens Thursday 9/17 at 12am and runs for 24hrs. To place a bid, comment under my picture with the amount you would like to bid. Winning bid will be sent a paypal invoice for the final amount. Invoices need to be paid within 24 hours or the item will go to the next bidder.

Pennys for GSD is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductible.

Arielle Martin-Verhaaren, CSCS

BMX Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

AMV15 Training Systems

Instagram/Twitter: @amv15




BMX Racing News - Tuesday - September 14, 2015


Palm Harbor FL – September 14, 2015 – John Sawyer, President and CEO of Answer BMX Products and Ssquared Bicycles, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Clayborn Bicycles to add to the company’s portfolio of BMX race component and race frame offerings. 

“The purchase of Clayborn Bicycles will give our customers another option when it comes to high end BMX race specific frames.  We realize not every racer out there wants an Ssquared and by having another quality frame choice, we hope to capture that new segment of the market.  And hopefully whether it’s an Ssquared or Clayborn frame, we hope the racer will outfit those bikes with Answer BMX parts,” stated Ryan Birk Vice President of Answer BMX and Ssquared.

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed but former Clayborn owner Richard Bunt is excited about the new direction and growth potential for Clayborn with the resources and infrastructure Answer BMX and Ssquared Bicycles has in place.  Bunt will also remain on board as the Clayborn Factory Team manager and oversee those race operations. 

Immediate plans for the new brand will include a new website and advertising efforts. Product design changes are under consideration while not wanting to stray too far away from the traditional characteristics that make Clayborn frames what they are today and have been known for since their beginning.  Production schedules will be ramped up and the frames will soon become available through the same sales channels that Answer BMX and Ssquared products are available.

This announcement comes at the onset of the 2015 InterBike Trade Show in Las Vegas later this week and a Clayborn frame will be on display in the Answer BMX and Ssquared Booth # 4171 where representatives will be promoting the brand and fielding questions about the new venture.

For more information on Answer BMX Products, Ssquared Bicycles, and now Clayborn Bicycles visit,, and  Or visit us at the InterBike in Booth # 4171



BMX Racing News - Wednesday - September 9, 2015




BMX Racing News - weekend update - September 4-6, 2015




UCI BMX Supercross This Weekend From Santiago del Estero, Argentina!

Apologies in advance, for the lack of BMX Race Coverage from the UCI BMX SX in Santiago del Estero, but we have not been able to get a good internet connection anywhere. Not at the track or in our hotel, but if you keep checking back, we'll get things posted as soon as we can find good net coverage. - Jerry Landrum/


BMX Racing News - Monday - August 31, 2015

BMX Mania Photo Of The Day ... Maris Strombergs at UCI BMX SX Argentina!
The BMX Mania Photo Of The Day features "The Machine", Maris Strombergs, the pride of Latvia and one of the greatest BMX racers of all time, for sure! Maris is motorin' thru Turn Two in 2014 at the beautiful UCI BMX SX track in Santiago del Estero, Argentina at the 2014 World Cup race.

SPEAKING OF UCI SX ARG.....Here at BMX Mania, we're packin' our bags and getting ready to head out for all of the BMX Supercross Madness that you can imagine at the 2015 version of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Argentina, this coming weekend!

Check things out Saturday morning for some awesome BMX racing photos from Friday's Practice Day. You'll see all the best riders in the world as they get tuned up for Saturday and Sunday's race action.

The UCI BMX SX ARG race is one of the most exciting of the season as the crowd is absolutely BMX CRAZY and we're in the back side of the UCI SX season and riders are going to digging DEEP to score valuable points toward the season end ranking and the 2016 Olympics.

Join us for great Race Report coverage brought to you by BMX Mania Dot Com, your spot on the internet for All BMX Racing, All The Time!

More photo of the day fun at

BMX Mania Adds The Argentina Cup To Race Coverage Schedule!
Coming up this coming, September 4th, 5th and 6th, BMX Mania will be covering the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Santiago del Estero, it'll be our second trip to SDE for the SX race and the Argentina Supercross race is one of the BEST ever! The track is awesome, the weather if usually great and the FANS ARE AWESOME!!!!!

This year, our coverage will include the Argentina Cup, Saturday evening after the UCI SX Qualification rounds and Time Trial Superfinal. We can't wait to see some of the FASTEST South American Challenge riders, taking to the Rad Track in Santiago, it's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

So, if you're a rider from one of those Superfast South American countries, come on over and we'll have some fun on the BMX track, I'll take some Rockn' BMX Photos and you can go FAST FAST FAST!

Crazy Fast BMX in Santiago del Estero!!!!!

For More info on the UCI BMX SX World Cup Argentina, CLICK HERE!

  For more info on the Argentina Cup, CLICK HERE!





BMX Racing News - thursday - August 27, 2015

All new Insight BMX Stems are in stock!
Insight Bar Clench Stem
Forged 6061 alloy then CNC'd for lighter weight
Laser etched Insight logos - 1 piece top cap
"ED" Finish on White insures a great clench on any handle bar
3 lengths - 45, 50, and 53mm
5 Colors - Anodized Black, Red, Blue, Polished and "ED" White finish
MSRP of $44.99 USD



BMX Racing News - Tuesday - August 25, 2015

BMX Mania Adds The Argentina Cup To Race Coverage Schedule!
Coming up this coming, September 4th, 5th and 6th, BMX Mania will be covering the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Santiago del Estero, it'll be our second trip to SDE for the SX race and the Argentina Supercross race is one of the BEST ever! The track is awesome, the weather if usually great and the FANS ARE AWESOME!!!!!

This year, our coverage will include the Argentina Cup, Saturday evening after the UCI SX Qualification rounds and Time Trial Superfinal. We can't wait to see some of the FASTEST South American Challenge riders, taking to the Rad Track in Santiago, it's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

So, if you're a rider from one of those Superfast South American countries, come on over and we'll have some fun on the BMX track, I'll take some Rockn' BMX Photos and you can go FAST FAST FAST!

Crazy Fast BMX in Santiago del Estero!!!!!

For More info on the UCI BMX SX World Cup Argentina, CLICK HERE!

  For more info on the Argentina Cup, CLICK HERE!

J&R BMX Bike To School Sale And Special Offer For BMX Mania Readers!
J&R BMX has busted out some AWESOME End Of Summer sales to celebrate what they're calling "Bike To School" time!

Check things out at the "Bike To School" graphic above and get free shipping and 40% off on select COMPLETES, not to mention backpacks, helmets, T-Shirts, casual shors and hats.

It's a crazy sale, lasting for a month.

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Support J&R, BMXers who support! Thanks, J&R!!!!!

Argentina BMX Cup: Get the SX BMX experience Racing In Santiago del Estero!

We would like invite to all challenger men riders with 15 years old and over to participate in the special “Argentina BMX Cup” race, which will be immediately after the Time Trial Super Final on Saturday.

The future professional riders can feel the World Cup atmosphere inside of the event, sharing the team area with the pro riders and participating in an amazing race at the evening on Sunday 5th September.

The Argentina BMX Cup comprises of three additional events scheduled to take place on the Saturday evening, which are open for riders entries.

Permitted riders from any country with a 2015 UCI license.

Three classes:

A) 15/16 Men: 5 Meters Challenger Start Ramp

B) 17 Men and over:  5 Meters Challenger Start Ramp

C) Non-qualified UCI Supercross riders registered in the SDE SX: There is an opportunity for all riders who do not qualified from the UCI Supercross Motos Qualifications to get a race with prize money: 8 Metres SX Start Ramp

Argentina BMX Cup:  Registration

A)   15/16 Men, 17 Men and over. The registration should be made by e-mail to , until Wednesday 2nd September at 12:00.

B)   Non-qualified UCI Supercross riders the registration will be on the Team Area under the main tent on Saturday 5th September after Qualifications (3 rounds), during the Super Final Time Trial until 17:30.   

Argentina BMX Cup:  Entry Fees and Prize Money

The Entry fee is USD 20 with prize money for the top 8 positions of each class

Non-qualified UCI Supercross riders

15 and 16 Men / 17 Men and over


USD (American Dollar)


USD (American Dollar)

































The riders who maintain the qualifications of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Santiago del Estero finishing in the top 64 in the Qualifications Motos on Saturday and subsequently should participate in the race of the next day (on Sunday, are not permitted to enter in the “Argentina BMX Cup”



BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - August 17-18, 2015

Olympic hopeful Bodi Turner upstages elite champions in coming of age performance
From UCI BMX Supercross World Cup / Sweden.

BMX Australia News Release: It was a coming of age performance by Olympic hopeful Bodi Turner overnight, as he upstaged compatriot Sam Willoughby (Redline) to finish second in the third round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Angelholm, Sweden.

The wind was more subdued at the Sibirien BMX Arena, Sunday/Finals Day after it had forced a re-schedule to the competition the previous day.

Although still a niggling presence, it didn’t stop a number of Aussie riders from producing season best performances, as Lauren Reynolds (Ssquared/Answer) also got in on the action to finish in third. Australia’s extended practice time on the track over the past two weeks seemingly paying dividends.

Ultimately, the day belonged to Turner, looking every bit an international contender in what was his first final on the world cup stage, his raw talent on full display when he flew by reigning world champion Niek Kimmann to grab second position on the third straight, eventually finishing behind Great Britain’s Liam Phillips (Pro-Gate). Willoughby finished third after he too passed Kimmann, diving down the inside on the final turn.

An ecstatic Turner highlighted the importance of getting to know the track, especially given the havoc the wind had played across the weekend.

“I’m so pumped, this is so awesome, I don’t have any words to describe it, there has been so many positive vibes this week,” Turner said.

“I love this track, you need some skill to get through it, it gets quite technical through the pro straight, and the wind makes things tricky.

“It forces you to play it smarter, and that paid off for me today.

“Just been able to ride it and have fun on it over the past couple of weeks you learn to love it, and when you feel good you ride good.”

The result see’s Willoughby lose his UCI BMX SX series lead to Phillips, and now trails by 30 points with two rounds remaining, while Turner jumps up considerably to ninth.

In the elite women, Reynolds chose lane eight in the women’s final, and after a less than ideal start weaved her way through the pack to finish third, as Alise Post (Redline) claimed the win from Olympic champion Mariana Pajon.

Kirsten Deller produced her best performance of the season to finish in 10th, falling just short of qualifying for her first world cup final, while Caroline Buchanan finished in 14th after she was forced to avoid a fallen rider, subsequently losing control of her bike. The result see’s her slip to fifth in the season standings behind new leader Post, while Reynolds is now sixth.

Other Aussies in action on the day were Rachel Jones (22nd), Melinda McLeod (31st) and Leanna Curtis (32nd). As well as Josh Callan (18th), Corey Frieswyk (26th), Anthony Dean (29th), Matthew Juster (34th), Kai Sakakibara (45th) and Bradley Game 64th.

Attention now turns to the fourth round of the season in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina from September 5 - 6.

Raymon van der Biezen Race Report from Dutch, European, and World Championships
Happy to end a couple of stressful weeks with a 2nd place at the Dutch Champs and 6th place at the World Championship…Raymon van der Biezen

July was a really important month for me. Starting with the Dutch Championship in Klazienaveen. My time trial was a little bit disappointed, because I just missed the podium with one spot. Racing the next day: I easily made the final, but I knew the final would be tough with all my team mates and a few other fast guys! My start was perfect and I closed the door right away for one of my team mates. Side by side with Twan v Gendt into the first turn. He had the inside line followed by Jelle van Gorkum who also passed me on the inside… Niek Kimmann tried to pass me in the second turn, but luckily I was steady as a rock, so he crashed. I slowed up a little bit, but I was still in 3rd position. Jelle had a weird crash in the last turn. Fortunately I could just avoid Jelle and sprint to the finish line for 2nd place! I felt pretty happy to be on the podium, but more important “feeling confident on the bike”!

One week later we had the European Champs in Erp, at my hometrack. They say it’s my hometrack, but I’m never there because I basically also train at Papendal. My club did a really nice job on the whole setup during the Euro Champs, so big shoutout to the organization! I was in great shape, because my performance 1 week earlier at the Dutch Champs was good. Somehow my body didn’t fewl strong in Erp. Still don’t understand why, but my legs felt really heavy and slow during racing. Mentally I stayed positive and every race seem to feel better. Unfortunately in the semi final I was on the wrong side going into the first turn. Some French guy slowed me down and I didn’t have enough power to fire back after slowing down! I was not too disappointed. For sure I would have liked to give my home crowd a better show, but I made the best of it!

After the Euro Champs we had a small break for one week. Did some training at Papendal to prepare myself for the World Champs in Zolder, Belgium. Also got my new Meybo bike. No changes beside the 2016 frame colors/striping. Really like the new bike! I felt good during practice at Papendal and also in Zolder just before the race!

It had been a real stressful couple of weeks also. Because I knew I had to make top 8 at the World Champs to keep my salary, which makes me able to do what I love the most “riding my bike”. On Friday at Zolder we had the World Champs time trial. My first lap was okay, but not perfect. Top 16 guys had to race the Super Final. I got 12th, so happy to do another time trial lap. This one had to be faster to make top 8. Finally the difference between the top 16 guys was so small (less then 1,5sec). I was in the hot seat for a while, but at the end I was satisfied with 7th place.

Saturday, The Big Race: A complete different day with bad weather forecast! The organization had the change the time schedule and decided not racing the big Supercross starting hill because of the heavy wind gusts. We had like 10min training to get used to the small starting hill just before racing started. There was no time for thinking, just do it… I won my qualification run, from there on racing got intense with many fast riders and some big crashes.

My quarter final was a tough one, with 4 other team mates! When the gate dropped the speaker called us the “Dutch Train” because we we’re in 1,2,3,4,5th position. Unfortunately one rider had to eliminated. I made it through, together with Niek, Jelle and Twan van Gendt.

The semifinal was a bit bumpy, but I got 4th and qualified myself for the final! My goal was to make the final, so I was happy, but when I walked up the starting hill I knew a podium finish was possible. My start was too aggressive, because I hit the gate with my front wheel and almost went over the bars. I had to start behind the rest of group, but I was able to close the gap. 2 guys crashed, unfortunately I couldn’t make a pass on anybody so I got 6th place at the World Championship. It felt like a win to me after a long road with physical and mental struggles duo injuries and personal things…

Huge thank to my coach, team, staff, medical team, sponsors, friends, family and fans who keep having faith in me! Congrats to my teammates Niek Kimmann and Jelle v Gorkom with 1st and 2nd place! #TeamNL #roadtorio





BMX Racing News - friday - August 14, 2015

Marc WILLERS to Retire, Ending a Spectacular 12-Year Pro Career

ANGELHOLM, Sweden—This weekend’s UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Angelholm will be Marc Willer’s last international race as he winds down his 12-year pro career and retires at the end of 2015.

Willers laid out the reason for ending his career in his usual frank manner: “It sucks losing. And that’s been happening for so long that racing isn’t fun any more. The last thing I want is to start hating the sport I love."

After leaving New Zealand to live and race in the United States fulltime in 2010, Willers’ career took off, peaking in 2011 with the ABA National Number Pro title, a bronze at the World Championships, two World Cup wins, a nearly unbroken string of ABA podium spots going back to 2010 and winning the NORA Cup. That also was the year he signed with BOX Components.

“Marc impressed me from the first time I met him. He walked into our booth at Interbike with confidence and swagger. I knew he was the guy who could beat Maris. And when we decided to hire someone for Speed, Marc was our guy,” said Toby Henderson, CGI’s founder.

Following a solid 2012 when he narrowly lost the USA BMX National Number Pro tile to Sam Willoughby at the Grands, an off-season back injury delayed the start of his 2013 season. He only managed a couple of USA BMX podium spots that year, but salvaged the season with a silver medal in front of his home country at the World Championships in Auckland. That was the last time he stood on the podium.

“Marc’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less of a bummer. We’ve known how disappointed and frustrated he’s been. But we’ve seen glimmers of his former self and hoped things would turn around,” said Michael Gamstetter, CGI’s marketing manager and senior brand manager, adding, “It’s been an honor to have worked with him the past four-plus years. I’m very fortunate to have been a witness to his successes and disappointments and to have played a small role in his career.”

Although he hasn’t written off a vet-pro comeback or a future in coaching, Willers’ immediate career plans will come as no surprise to his social media followers. “I want to try and finish some cars and start flipping them. I want to be the next Chip Foose kinda thing,” he said.

Building custom cars in not new to Willers, who worked as a professional auto painter from 17-20.

Willers competed in 31 UCI World Cup races (Angelholm will be his 32nd), two Olympic Games, 15 World Championships and won 18 ABA/USA BMX Nationals. His last race will be the USA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



BMX Racing News - Thursday/friday - August 6/7, 2015

BMXPress, The Worlds First Fully Interactive BMX Magazine App


It has been 16 years in the evolution, and 8 months in the making, but BMXPresss Global Magazine is now here and it is the Worlds First Fully Interactive BMX Magazine App.

First we made the App, then we made the magazine. If we were to print this as a paper magazine issue #70 would be over 250 pages, but now you can not only read all the in-depth articles as usual, but you can watch the embedded videos, read pop-up articles, slide out results, zoom in or slide on selected images and many other interactive features or go direct to some of our favorite websites with hyperlinks.

We have included the worlds first 3D Hologram cover, and have a hidden cover that you can switch to. All this is built into the Magazine App.

We covered a record breaking 15 races from 8 countries, and have many other feature articles and exclusive video shot for BMXPress Global Magazine by some of the biggest names in BMX on the planet.

BMXPress Global Magazine will now take BMX to over 250 countries on 3300 mobile devices.

BMXPress' new format now has global coverage, featuring all the best riders, at the best events, on the best tracks globally.

This new interactive App format is NOT a flipbook style, it is NOT a static PDF, and is NOT an online web zine, BMXPress is a fully blown interactive, take anywhere, don’t have to be online Magazine App.

Using your tablet, type in "BMXPress Global Magazine” into the search bar of ITunes Apps store or Google Play Apps store to purchase individual copies or subscribe.

Issue #70 is out now…

Enquiries to –

Or see our new BMXPress Global Magazine YouTube TV Channel -

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BMX Racing News - Sunday/Monday - August 2-3, 2015

Stefany Hernandez, the 2015 UCI BMX Elite Women's World Champion wants you to visit the BMX Mania UCI Worlds Race Report Page!

Check out the 2015 UCI BMX Worlds Elite Race Report Page, RIGHT HERE!



BMX Racing News - Thursday/friday - July 30-31, 2015

Looking for the next Super Pro! ..... with dale Holmes at BMX Pro For a Week" YMCA Summer Camp
In celebration of our second year of, “BMX Pro for a Week”, summer camp through a cooperative adventure with the YMCA of San Diego County – we at Chase / Dale Holmes Racing had a new edit done to show you first-hand a day in the life of our campers.

We cover bike and street safety, the importance of wearing protective gear, why leading a healthful lifestyle is important both on and off the track and the fundamentals of BMX Racing.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce the sport of BMX racing to more kids and to excite those already interested in getting more involved.

We’ve been grateful for the support of our sponsors and also for the support of USABMX. Check it out. - Dale Holmes



BMX Racing News - Wednesday - July 29, 2015


Today's BMX Mania Photo Of The Day is a sad story for BOX Components, Marc Willers/NZL who is pictured here, the victim of some real bad luck.

At the UCI BMX Worlds in Zolder, Belgium last weekend, the rain came in hard and early, and the UCI decided to cut the motos to 'one lap, no crap' to shorten the race due to the inclement weather.

Marc was motorin' along in qualifying postion when Steven Cisar/USA lost control in the second straight pro section causing his bike to hit Marc and sending Willers in to a High Flying detour over the Pro Doubles.

The whole process eliminated Marc from advancing to the elimination rounds, but resulted in a pretty spectacular photo! Photo by Jerry Landrum/

More hot photos from the UCI Worlds at uci worlds 2015 championship - uci worlds 2015 challenge




BMX Racing News - Monday - July 27, 2015

Thursday Cruiser Photos Posted From UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder, Belgium!

CLICK HERE to go to check out the Thursday Cruiser Craziness at the UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder, Belgium.



BMX Racing News - Saturday - July 24, 2015

Daudet, Pajon, Rosa and Etienne Win Time Trial titles at UCI BMX Worlds!

Elite Men Elite Women Junior Men Junior Women
1 Joris Daudet/FRA 1 Mariana Pajon/COL 1 Shane Rosa/AUS 1 Axelle Etienne/FRA
2 Niek Kimman/NED 2 Allise Post/USA 2 Brandon Te-Hiko/AUS 2 Ruby Huisman/NED
3 Connor Fields/USA 3 Sarah Walker/NZL 3Collin Hudson/USA 3 Natalia Afremova/RUS

uci worlds 2015 championship race report page, click here!



BMX Racing News - Thursday - July 23, 2015

Thursday Championship Practice photo gallery posted



BMX Racing News - Monday - July 20, 2015


UCI Worlds Underway in Zolder, Belgium!
The track is all dialed in, the Pro Gate start gate is ready to drop and 3000+ riders have made their way to the track to race with the best in the world on both the amateur/Challenge level and the Awesome, Pro/Elite riders from all over the world.

Practice begins, Sunday and BMX Mania will have tons of photos from the super fast kids on bikes, getting ready for the Big Show!

All here on, your Place To Race, with All BMX Racing, All The Time!

New Video From European Junior Men's Champion, Mathijs Verhoeven!

Check out the hot new video from Mathijs Verhoeven, the Euro Jr. Men's champ. Mathijs will be workn' hard to become the UCI BMX WORLD Junior Men's Champion when the Big Show comes to his home turf in Zolder!

Check it out, it's good BMX!

Mathijs Verhoeven MV56 from Medialism on Vimeo.




BMX Racing News - Tuesday/Wednesday - July 14-15, 2015

2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup schedule unveiled

In the Olympic year the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup will host an exciting five stop tour. The best BMX athletes will race three UCI BMX SX races before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and two races in the USA to finish up the year 2016.

For the first time Santiago Del Estero will welcome the BMX athletes for the first race of the season. Santiago Del Estero is a racer's favorite because of the many fans that show up at this World Cup and it's the fourth time the World Cup series visits Argentina.

The indoor BMX facility Manchester Cycling Centre has hosted the first race on the World Cup season from 2013 to 2015. Each time it was Liam Phillips (GBR) who came out on top and will be the man to beat once again when the circuit returns to the only indoor BMX Supercross facility in April.

Papendal has been on the World Cup calendar for five years and in 2016 the wide open track at the Olympic training centre will be modified from the end of the second straight onwards for new challenges.

After the Olympic break in August, Rock Hill will use round four as a true test event as they’re gearing up for the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships. BMX Supercross racing on the American East Coast will continue two weeks later as the season comes to a close on the brand new BMX Supercross track in Sarasota which is currently going through pre-construction stage.

Sarasota BMX recently celebrated its 40th year of BMX and is one of the original BMX tracks in the USA.

2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup schedule

26-27 March 2016* - UCI BMX SX World Cup Round 1: Santiago Del Estero (ARG)

9-10 April 2016 - UCI BMX SX World Cup Round 2: Manchester (GBR)

7-8 May 2016 - UCI BMX SX World Cup Round 3: Papendal (NED)

24-25 September 2016 - UCI BMX SX World Cup Round 4: Rock Hill, SC (USA)

8-9 October 2016 - UCI BMX SX World Cup Round 5: Sarasota, FL (USA)

*Date to be confirmed; may shift to 25-26 March.








BMX Racing News - Sunday/Monday - July 12-13, 2015

TORONTO / U.S. Olympic Committee News Release -- Felicia Stancil overcame a crash-filled women’s BMX final and came out on top amidst a field that included an Olympic champion and world champion to win Team USA’s first gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games Saturday in Toronto.

Meanwhile, Nic Long claimed bronze in an equally chaotic men’s race.

Stancil, 20, brimmed with elation and disbelief as she greeted her family and snapped pictures with fans.

The Chicago-area native began training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, after turning pro a year ago. She’s now regularly competing against some of the world’s best after spending most of her young career against those her own age.

“I think this is my first big win against the big girls,” she said.

Stancil crossed the finish line in 41.647 seconds after a massive pile-up in the first turn that claimed half the field, including teammate Alise Post, who had finished second, second and first in her three semifinal heats.

Post was not credited a disqualification and finished sixth, 40 seconds behind Stancil.

“A crash can just happen right in front of you, and you’re going 30 miles per hour,” Stancil said. “You just have to think really fast and be lucky. We’re in motors all day battling. They’re all fast here. It stinks for them and I wish them the best in the next race.”

In the men’s final, Long won bronze in a similarly chaotic finish after third-place finisher Carlos Ramirez of Colombia was disqualified in an off-course steer that also claimed Team USA’s Connor Fields.

Fields, one of the world’s top-ranked cyclists, was among the favorites heading into the medal race after sweeping all three of his heats in the quarterfinals.

“It’s BMX – it can happen at any time,” said Canada’s Tory Nyhaug, who claimed gold. “Nothing is for sure in this sport, if I’ve learned anything.”

Regardless of their final finish, all four U.S. athletes led the way throughout the qualifying rounds of the BMX competition in Toronto.

Stancil credited the team’s success to the Olympic Training Center, home of a state-of-the-art BMX facility where all four that competed on Saturday train. The track undergoes a regular overhaul to adapt to the forecasted venue that will be used in the upcoming Olympics.

“They just changed it up, so the track in Chula is actually going to be harder than the Rio track,” Stancil said. “It’ll be good because a lot of countries are training on our facility right now. It’ll be good because if you can do that well, if you can get that track as good as you can, the Olympic track will seem easy.”

1 41.647   1
Canada NYHAUG Tory
2 41.948   2
Ecuador CAMPO Alfredo
3 42.611   3
United States of America LONG Nic
4 45.556   4
Brazil DE SOUZA Anderson
5 50.145   5
Ecuador FALLA Emilio
6 1:22.541   6
Argentina MOLINA Gonzalo
United States of America FIELDS Connor
Colombia RAMIREZ Carlos..





BMX Racing News - Thursday/Friday - July 9-10, 2015

Yess BMX and 1STR8 Racing partner for 2015 season

YESS BMX proud to support BMX Racing close to home!

Victoria, BC, Canada. July 13, 2015:  Yess BMX is pleased to announce their new team partnership with 1STR8 Racing (1STR8) for 2015. After making their debut in the 2014 Canadian race season, 1STR8 managed 6 top three Canadian National Age Group (CNAG) titles, 8 BC provincial #1 titles and 7 BC #2 titles.

Yess is excited to support the development of 1STR8 riders with bikes, training tools and knowledge from their successful National and International Factory Teams. The team is based out of Victoria BMX ( and will develop together under the guidance of 1STR8 Team Manager John Makson and Yess BMX’s Renny Husada.

The team riders range from the 5 and under class all the way through to 16X and Adult Cruisers. 1STR8 is particularly proud with 5 girls adding depth to what is a strong group of riders.

With National and Provincial and Vancouver Island Series racing planned for 2015, 1STR8 feels the passion and dedication Yess has for developing world class bikes has helped so many over the past 20+ years and it will only boost the team riders in their efforts to reach their full potential.





BMX Racing News - Wednesday/thursday - July 1-2, 2015

Hot new Nova Stem Now Available From Profile Racing!

Need a new Super Groovy stem that'll make you go faster, help to transfer your massive Gate Ripping power to your trusty BMX Ride and make you LOOK GOOD all at the same time?

Then you have GOT to check out the 31.8 Nova Stem from Profile Racing, available in NINE Eye Popping Colors and made by BMX Mad Scientists, right here in the good 'ol US of A!

The Profile Nova stem is for use with a 31.8mm handlebar and 1-1/8 steer tube.

Here are the specs:

-Moto clamp style front-load cap

-Available in sizes 48, 53, and 58mm.

-6mm hex bolts.

-20mm rise.

-Weight: 48mm: 262g/9.2oz 53mm: 273g/9.65oz 58mm: 286g/10/05oz

Colors: Black, Polished, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, and Aqua.

Hit up Profile Racing at to claim yours TODAY!


















































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