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A Note From Web Dude, Jerry Landrum

I will always be a BMXer.....and I never thought that I'd be writing this, but I am saying Goodbye and Thanks to the fine sport of BMX Racing that I have loved, raced and ridden since 1985 and reported on and lived through since 1996.

It's been an honor to have been involved in this awesome, crazy sport from the grass roots to the Olympics and destinations in between. I have many great memories of my time on and around the world's BMX tracks and send much love to my many friends that I have made through my involvement over three decades.

I've still got my Ssquared cruiser dialed in and will make sporadic trips to my local track at the Indy Cycloplex because I will ALWAYS love riding my BMX, and I do have a couple of projects to finish up before I hang up my BMX photo gear for good, but for the most part my full time involvement in BMXing has come to an end. (Unless, of course, someone out there needs a grubby BMX Photo Bum to take some Happy Snaps, let me know.....I can be bought!)

BMXmania,com will still occupy this space on the internet since there are a lot of BMX Memories contained herein, so stop by sometime and check out what there is to see, ride hard, wear your helmet and Watch The Lights!.

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What's New In BMX Racing!

BMX Racing News - Tuesday - December 12, 2017


BMX Racing News from - The Oldsmar City Council voted 3-2 against hosting the 2018 UCI World Cup qualifier at the city’s BMX Supercross track Tuesday night, citing labor, cost and liability concerns.

The split decision came after two lengthy discussions about hosting the event, which is put on by Union Cycliste Internacional (UCI); UCI is the world’s governing body for cycling based in Switzerland that oversees everything from mountain biking and BMX to cyclo-cross and the Tour de France.

During the City Council meeting on Nov. 21, Oldsmar Leisure Services Director Felicia Donnelly outlined UCI’s proposal for the two-day event, which is to be held in September 2018. She noted it would be the only one of eight WC qualifiers held in the United Sates and be broadcast in 42 countries.

When Donnelly told the council members their outlay would be roughly $125,000, and the city would be liable for all safety, insurance and liability issues, as well as provide lodging for riders, their families and support personnel, the local lawmakers balked at the proposal.

“I could justify the expense if some of the other components weren’t there,” Mayor Doug Bevis said at the time. “If there was any kind of relationship, but this is a completely one-sided relationship.” Ultimately, the council left the window open to make a deal should UCI make some concessions in the agreement. On Tuesday, Donnelly said she was able to get the organization to agree to shave about $50,000 off the total price tag, bringing the city’s contribution to around $75,000. But she said the liability would remain the same and she acknowledged the workload involved in hosting such an elite international event would be considerable.

“This is a large international event, and it’s going to take a lot of staff from many departments to handle it,” she said, noting the city would need to install the electronic infrastructure, including advanced high speed internet, to be able to meet UCI’s race standards.

Donnelly added that while the officials were concerned about the amount of money, time and work involved to host a one-time event, UCI was amenable to working with the city to host other events in the future, including the prestigious World Cup.

“UCI indicated that they would put in the contract where we would have the right of first refusal for an event for the following year,” she said, adding, “they do want multi-year contracts” and “some of the other locations have hosted as long as eight years.”

But with a tight timeframe to provide UCI with an answer, and little perceived benefit to the city, three of the five council members—Bevis, Gabby McGee and Eric Seidel—voted against hosting the event.

“I’m thinking of the value of this one-time event moving forward,” Bevis said, noting the county’s Tourist Development Council is “looking for long-term relationship events.”

“It’s a lot of money for a one-time event,” Seidel added.

Council member Jerry Beverland and Vice-Mayor Dan Saracki voted in favor of continuing to work with UCI representatives to reach a deal, but with a pre-Christmas deadline for a decision and no council meetings scheduled for the rest of the year, the deal was officially dead.

After the meeting, the mayor spoke about the council’s decision.

“Like I said earlier, I think it’s a lot of money for a one-time deal,” Bevis told Oldsmar Connect.

He was also quick to note that many of the elite riders scheduled to compete in the UCI event have already been to Oldsmar as part of the annual Gator Nationals and other events.

“We’ve had an Olympic qualifier here, and many of the riders and teams I saw in the UCI race standings have been here in the past,” he said, citing US Olympic rider Connor Fields and the Latvian national team as previous visitors to Oldsmar’s track.

Bevis said while being considered to host a World Cup qualifier is an honor, he just couldn’t justify the time, effort and expense needed to pull it off.

“It’s a lot of taxpayer dollars for a one-time event, and I just don’t think, structurally, it works for us.”

The city’s Supercross track is set to host the 2018 Gator Nationals event Feb. 23-25, and the Oldsmar Sports Complex facility will also host the SSA Florida Cup SeriesJan. 12-14, 2018.



BMX Racing News - Monday - November 6, 2017

Chula Vista, California was the site of one of the coolest BMX races in a long time, Monday, November 7th. Cafe Willoughby, the BMX racing podcast put on the Cafe Willoughby Holeshot Challenge, hybrid BMX race that not only was unique in it's inception, but featured a respectable payout for the pros and hot experts who signed up.

The participants were 8 invited high level pros including both UC Elite Men's and Women's World Champs, Corben Sharrah and Alise Post. Other 'Great Eight' riders were Joris Daudet, Nic Long, Tanner Sebesta, Anthony Dean, Sean Gaian and Tory Nyhaug. Eight other top dogs, including Justin Posey, David Graf, Jake Peebles, Zach Van Kamen and Billy Russell lined up with the invited pros and each round, riders were eliminated thru nine laps until the two finalists, Joris Daudet and David Graf lined up for an exciting finish to the Holeshot Challenge.

Joris got out of the gate first with Graf missing his timing a bit but David poured on the speed down the first straight to get set up for a sweet move that he had made a couple times during the night but the Flying Frenchman outlasted David's challenge to hold on for the Three Grand win!

Anthony Dean (Pictured above on the right) had a great night, winning several hot laps earlier in the eliminations but he went out in the 'Round Of Three'. Nice night for Anthony as he walked away with some cold cash after a fun race gig.

Overall, the Cafe Willoughby Holeshot Challenge was a fun race, with some awesome competitors and a great payout. Cafe Willoughby has plans for more cool events like this, only adding to the great sport that we know and love. Good job, Tyler and Sam, the Holeshot Challenge was a HUGE success!











BMX Racing News - Monday - October 23, 2017
Since its creation by Daniel Yujnovich in 2012, Rival Racing BMX has been an Australian brand where it was created, developed, and established as a reputable bike brand amongst the vast offerings of frame options currently available. With meticulous attention to detail, countless hours of research and development on tubing shapes to make sure the absolute best design is being used, Daniel put his heart and soul into developing the Rival brand of bikes.

Rival is known for its unique look, wind tunnel tested technology tubing, and exceptional quality all thanks to Daniel’s tireless effort and commitment to excellence. The next logical step for the brand’s growth would be to push the brand’s popularity and availability to markets beyond Australia. Fast forward to a chance meeting with Ryan Birk, a BMX industry veteran, at the 2016 USA BMX Grands about potentially moving the brand to USA to better position itself to grow in the market. Over the course of the past 6 or 7 months a new business plan was developed and has led to a new and exciting era for Rival BMX!

Effective immediately, Rich Rice of Indianapolis has purchased Rival Racing BMX, LLC and the company will now be headquartered in Indianapolis IN, the “Racing Capital of the World” for those of you familiar with the Indy 500. In addition to Rival Racing frames, a new component company will also be a part of the corporation to pair with the Rival frames and compete amongst the industry leaders in high-end BMX race products. The name of the component brand and details will be announced at a later date. Rice, a lifelong BMX fan, and father of 3 BMX racers, had this to say about the new acquisition, “I know some people will think I’m insane for wanting to invest in a BMX race company with all the craziness going on in the industry right now, but I’m an optimist that sees the bright future for BMX and have seen firsthand what positive impact the sport has had on my family. Every industry has its ups and downs and it’s been my experience that the ones that put people as the focus and not profit tend to come out on top, provided their product is desirable. I believe the Rival brand is worthy of taking that shot. I believe I have the team of people built around me to form the company that can be a continued success. We have the pieces in place and the plan to make this venture work within the current industry environment. I can’t wait to get started in Tulsa a month from now.”

Rice has secured Ryan Birk to continue to work with the new venture as the Brand Director and help oversee all aspects of the business. “Everybody in BMX knows Birk and knows of the success he has had building brands and establishing them as staples in the sport. He’s well respected, experienced, and enthusiastic, and his resume speaks volumes about what he’s done for the sport and companies he’s worked for.” Rice said. Production is already in place for the new 2018 frames and the addition of smaller mini and junior size frames which haven’t been offered before. Future plans include the development of the new component line, the formation of a USA Factory Team, and the implementation of a co-sponsorship program for teams and riders for the 2018 season.

Brand founder Yujnovich will continue working with the brc1nd he created in various roles. Yujnovich stated, “I am excited for this new direction for Rival Racing and with the brand being directed by Ryan Birk and based in the USA. Now more than ever, the Rival Racing brand has the opportunity to expand and develop the best products available in today’s BMX market. I am happy to continue with my role of Product Design and Development at Rival Racing and will continue to manage the Rival Racing Factory Team here in Australia.” Yujnovich’s creative talents and product design expertise will be crucial for continued development and improvement of not only the Rival frames but also the new component company.

“It’s crazy how things work out in life sometimes. A year ago, I found myself out of a job in the BMX industry for the first time in 20 years. I had no idea what I was going to do to support my family. Jenny Rice, who is Rich’s wife, a very involved BMX mom, and also one of the top Real Estate Brokers in the Indianapolis area, convinced me to get my Realtor license and join her team selling homes. As I was starting that process, we went to the Grands for the first time as “spectators” and not workers or racers. It was there I got to meet Dan for the first time and within 10 minutes of our conversation I knew this guy did things right. From there the process started of developing the plan that led to this point. Then, the opportunity for Rich to own a BMX business presented itself as a result of the relationships and processes that started a year ago and I’m sure nobody planned on. I’m more excited about BMX than I have been in a long time! The fact that things worked out the way they did literally one year later is a true blessing. I want to thank Jenny and Rich Rice both for the amazing opportunities they have presented for me over this past year and for believing in me. Thanks to Dan for being one of the classiest guys I’ve met in the BMX industry. And lastly, thanks to my wife Natarsha Birk for all her support during this crazy past year of our lives,” stated Birk.

Lots of changes will be happening over the next few weeks with setting up the infrastructure and logistics of the new corporation. Rival will begin contacting Dealers, Distributors and current support teams and riders to explain the new transition. The formation of a new Factory Team as well as a co-sponsorship support program for the 2018 season will begin almost immediately as part of our marketing platform for the upcoming year. Rival would also like to take this opportunity to give a HUGE THANK YOU to those that have helped Rival promote the brand thus far in the North American market and have gone above and beyond: Jason Shaw, his family, and his entire Rival Texas team. We look forward to a bright future together. Also, thank you to John and Amy Haywood here in Indy for your commitment to the brand these past 8 months. And we can’t forget our good friends to the north in Canada, Ron Botrokoff who started the Rival Canada Devo program and Chad Currie at Trackside BMX. THANK YOU ALL for your effort and support thus far, we can’t thank you enough. We look forward to working with all of you in the future as we grow the Rival brand into what we all hope and envision for the future.

We’re excited about the future and bringing Rival to the forefront of the BMX race world.

For more information on Rival Racing, visit and visit us on Facebook at Rival Racing. Or contact Rich Rice, (317)446-4889 and Ryan Birk, (317)954-5733





BMX Racing News - Tuesday - October 10, 2017
Ssquared is proud to finally release
the newest addition
to our frame lineup...
The "VP" (Vice Pres)!
MSRP: $409.00 A Great Compliment to our original USA made frames, the “CEO”
The "VP" will offer the same geometry as our current CEO frames. The new line will be Asian made which will allow for better price points to enable the brand to grow more globally.

We have spent several years searching for the top-of-the-line overseas manufacturer and are pleased to bring it to market. The new "VP" frame ETA is 12/9/17 but doing our best to have them arrive before Grands 2017. First sizes to arrive will be 20” Pro XL and 20” PRO 2XL. More frame size options to follow.

We have incorporated several features that aren’t possible with the USA made CEO. The CEO will continue, and will always, lead the brand with 100% USA made tubing and fabrication.

  • The VP features an integrated head tube, euro BB, integrated chain tensioners along with removable dropout inserts to allow for 3/8″ or 20mm axle options.
  • Please refer to our “Frame Spec” page for geometry and measurement questions.
Three Color options:        
FR-SV18PRXL-BK 2018 Ssquared VP 20" Pro XL - Silver/Blue
FR-SV18PRXL-RD 2018 Ssquared VP 20" Pro XL - Silver/Red
FR-SV18PR2X-BK 2018 Ssquared VP 20" Pro XXL - Silver/Black
FR-SV18PR2X-BL 2018 Ssquared VP 20" Pro XXL - Silver/Blue
FR-SV18PR2X-RD 2018 Ssquared VP 20" Pro XXL - Silver/Red



BMX Racing News - Monday - october 2, 2017





BMX Racing News - Wednesday - September 13, 2017








BMX Racing News - Wednesday - august 23, 2017





BMX Racing News - Wednesday - august 16, 2017






BMX Racing News - Tuesday - July 24, 2017


The BMX Mania UCI Worlds Race Report Is Now Posted!

The UCI BMX World Championships are underway in beautiful Rock Hill, South Carolina with the Best In BMX making their way from all corners of the world to do battle beginning Tuesday with Cruier racing action

BMX Mania has launched the BMX Mania UCI Worlds Race Report Page and you can check out some Red Hot BMX Race Action photos by clicking on the photo above!

Check back for regular updates from Rock Hill for UCI Worlds BMXing!




BMX Racing News - Saturday - July 22, 2017

UCI Worlds Are Underway In Rock Hill BMX, South Carolina!

This year's UCI BMX World Championships will see thousands of the best in BMX from all over the world launch from the awesome amateur and elite start hills. 

One of the secrets to success at the Novant Health BMX Supercross facility in Rock Hill SC are the investment in permanent facilities. This is the heartbeat of the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships.

This year's UCI BMX World Championships will see thousands of the best in BMX from all over the world launch from the awesome amateur and elite start hills. 

Yep! That's my home for the next week. The awesome Media / Press Center at the Novant Health BMX Supercross BMX in beautiful Rock Hill South Carolina at the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships. That's press person, Laurie ready to rock!










BMX Racing News - weekend update - July 14-16, 2017
Chase BMX Race Report – Bordeaux France, French National Championships
And South Park, USA BMX Pro Series
Joris Daudet wins the French National Championships, Time Trial and Elite Men's Race
Connor Fields wins at the USA BMX Pro Series National in South Park, PA USA

On Friday, the riders would take to the track for the National Championships for Time Trial. Joris rode a flawless lap and would take the overall win and National Championship title, with Romain Mahieu finishing just behind his time, in 3rd for the day.

On Saturday, it was race day for Romain and Joris. Both would transfer their way into the main event. When the gate dropped, Joris would take the lead and have an epic battle with Sylvain Andre, but Joris was just riding perfect and once again took the victory and the French National Championship! Romain would finish up 7th for the day, but once again, rode impressive all weekend long.

Joris will wear the National Championship sleeve on his Chase race jerseys once again, but hopes to hold on the the World Championship jerseys. We will see how that plays out later this month at the UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, SC in the USA!


Connor Fields wins at the USA BMX National in South Park, PA.

When it was time to race, Connor was on point and took the hole shot and lead the entire lap around the South Park track, taking the overall win.

After a brief break, the riders would start to race their way into the Day 2 program and into the main events once again. This time, Connor would have an all out battle with Corben Sharrah, with Corben edging Connor out for the main event.

Wrapping up an excellent weekend of racing with a 1st and 2nd, Connor sits 2nd overall in the USA BMX overall points, but more importantly, has the momentum and confidence of 2 great results, heading into the UCI BMX World Championships in 2 weeks time.

Chase BMX is proudly supported by some of the greatest companies including – Shimano, Fly Racing, Tioga BMX, Kicker Audio, G Form, ODI, KMC Chains, Vans, Stealth hubs and Linktops. Chase BMX is a division of the BMX Racing Group, based in Southern California.






BMX Racing News - Thursday - July 6, 2017
German Championships in Hamburg on July 1st
Elite Men
1 Fabian Otto
2 Julian Schmidt
3 Jacob Bernhardt
Elite Women
1 Nadja Pries
2 Regula Runge
3 Sarah Sailer
Junior Men
1 Marco Jaeckel
2 Joachim Hecker
3 Paul Korowski
Junior Women
1 Leonie Schuster
2 Lea Schaub
2017 Elite Women's Podium - Hamburg, Germany






BMX Racing News - weekend update - July 1&2, 2017
Nalgene Outdoor and USA Cycling Partner for 2017-2018 Racing Season

Nalgene DRAFT Bottle Named Official Water Bottle of National Championship Series

ROCHESTER, NY (June 29, 2017) – Nalgene Outdoor Products, maker of reusable water bottles, and USA Cycling, a 501(c3) member-based organization that is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States, are collaborating for the 2017-2018 racing season. At the cornerstone of the partnership isNalgene’s DRAFT fitness bottle that will be co-branded and given exclusively to 2017-2018 Cycling National Championship participants. A series of co-branded Nalgene products will also be available to cycling enthusiasts for purchase.

Nalgene recently designed the DRAFT fitness bottle with biking and other physical pursuits in mind. The 22-ounce bottle is lightweight, durable and features a new, easy-to-dispense, self-sealing squeeze valve. The DRAFT bottle easily fits in bike cages and is easy to handle, especially when riding or racing. And, when the ride is over, the DRAFT cap can be easily twisted to become leak proof for reliable storage among gear and electronics.

“For nearly 50 years Nalgene Outdoor has provided a durable and reliable reusable water bottle for a variety of outdoor activities,” said Eric Hansen, director, Nalgene Outdoor Products. “We’re thrilled to partner with USA Cycling to integrate DRAFT – a bottle we designed for cyclists – into professional cycling and provide a lightweight and versatile Nalgene bottle for top-tier athletes and cycling enthusiasts alike.”

The 2017-2018 USA Cycling National Championships are a series of road, mountain, track and BMX races that will occur between January 2017 and October 2018. The USA Cycling National Championships feature the nation’s top domestic cycling events from coast to coast. For a full schedule of events, visit:

Nalgene and USA Cycling co-branded merchandise will be available for spectators and cycling fans at select race locations and online at A variety of co-branded USA Cycling-Nalgene products including the classic 32-ounce Wide Mouth bottle, On-the-Fly pop-top 24-ounce bottles, DRAFT, and Flask bottles will be available for purchase or through promotions, sponsorship drives and event giveaways.

About NALGENE Outdoor - NALGENE® Outdoor Products, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is based in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of the first plastic pipette holder, the company soon expanded its product line to include state-of-the-art polyethylene labware under the NALGENE brand.  By the mid-1970s, outdoor enthusiasts had discovered the taste and odor resistant, leak-proof and rugged properties of NALGENE’s large selection of plastic containers. In response to this emerging demand, the NALGENE Consumer Products Division was formed and today the company offers its customers a wide choice of safe, environmentally friendly, BPA- and BPS- free products that meet their lifestyle needs.  For more information, contact NALGENE Consumer Products or visit our website at

About USA Cycling - Recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States, including BMX, cyclocross, mountain bike, road and track. As a membership-based organization, USA Cycling comprises 60,000+ members; 2,500+ clubs and teams; and 34 local associations. The national governing body sanctions over 3,000 competitive and non-competitive events throughout the U.S. each year and is responsible for the identification, development, and support of American cyclists. To learn more about USA Cycling, visit








BMX Racing News - Wednesday - June 28, 2017


NFL star Marshawn Lynch unveils his big BMX bike from SE

Oakland, CA — Expect nothing less than a beast of a bike when NFL champion Marshawn Lynch joins forces with the legendary SE Bikes brand to design an all-new BMX bicycle.

The Beast Mode Ripper is built upon powerfully large 27.5-inch x 3-inch Beast Mode Vee tires, with an alloy frame that takes design cues from SE’s legendary PK Ripper with floval tubing and a looptail rear end.

Long before Lynch became a football star he loved riding BMX bikes around his hometown of Oakland, California. During his short retirement from the NFL, Lynch rekindled his passion for BMX, and was attracted to SE Bikes due to the brand’s uniquely large BMX bikes with 26-inch and 29-inch wheels. "As a little ass kid, I always put together bikes, while I was doing it, all I could think of is... I wanted to have my own bike and NOW I GOT MY OWN BIKE,” said Lynch.

Once Todd Lyons, brand manager of SE Bikes, caught wind of Lynch riding around Oakland on an SE, he reached out to see if the NFL star, famed for his punishing running style, was interested in a collaboration project. After the two put their heads together they decided to create the world’s first BMX bike built around 27.5-inch wheels: The Beast Mode Ripper.

For his part, Lyons said he knew any collaboration with Lynch had to be big and bold. Along with the wheel sizing and iconic frame design, the Beast Mode Ripper features classic gold-on-black details and the famous “BEAST MODE” tagline emblazoned on the frame and sidewalls of the plus-sized tires.

“When I first started talking with Marshawn about designing a bike, I knew we had to make it like no other bike on the market,” Lyons said. “We started from scratch with the design and came up with the world’s first BMX bike built with 27.5-inch wheels. And it rides amazing.”

The Beast Mode Ripper was recently unveiled by Lynch at the #oaklandrideout, where hundreds of riders — young and old — joined the hometown host to wheelie around Oakland. Needless to say, everyone was blown away by Lynch’s BMX, the Beast Mode Ripper.

The Beast Mode Ripper and SE Racing apparel collaboration will be available in July at SE Bikes retailers worldwide,, and the Beast Mode stores in Oakland and Seattle, $899 MSRP.

About SE Bikes ..... SE Bikes was founded in 1977 by the Godfather of BMX, Scot Breithaupt. The brand was originally known as SE Racing during BMX’s first boom in the late 1970s and early ‘80s. The brand’s iconic PK Ripper bike was introduced in 1979 and remains the longest continuing production BMX bike in the world. Today, SE Bikes offers a full range of style- and performance-driven BMX and urban bikes in a wide range of wheel sizes for riders of all levels. To learn more about SE Bikes visit:

About Beast Mode® ..... The Beast Mode assortment offers a full range of lifestyle and graphic-inspired apparel including tops, bottoms, hats, socks, underwear, and most recently Chocolate Bars. Beast Mode’s first flagship store, located at 811 Broadway, Oakland CA, opened in February of 2015, and has already become a “must visit” destination for locals and visitors alike. Beast Mode’s most recent flagship store is located in Seattle, WA, at 558 1st Avenue South. To learn more about BEAST MODE, visit:







BMX Racing News - Friday - June 15, 2017

Team USA's, Corben Sharrah, high over the awesome track at Papendal, The Netherlands!

Photo - Jerry Landrum/







BMX Racing News - Tuesday - May 23, 2017

Photo Gallery Posted!
BMX Mania Photo Dude, Jerry Landrum dropped in to check out the BMX Race Action at the USABMX Gold Cup Qualifier, at Indy Cycloplex BMX in Indianapolis, Indiana this past Sunday and shot some Happy Snaps of some of the Rad Racers, it was a fun time!

Wanna check out the action? Go to the Indy Cycloplex Photo Page, to feel the power, HERE!








BMX Racing News - Friday - May 19, 2017

Summer Camp Staff Needed At Ohio Dreams!



If you know anybody who might be interested please forward them this email.

It takes between 50 and 60 Staff members each summer to run our summer camp. We have almost filled up all of our positions however we are still in need of just a few more.

If you want to spend six and a half amazing weeks making new friends, giving campers a summer to remember and of course full access to everything Ohio Dreams has to offer then we are the place for you this summer!

Each position pays between $100 - $150/wk and includes housing, all meals and all access.

We are in need of the following and will accept multiple applications through Wed. May 24 so act fast and use the link at the bottom of this email to apply.

Each of these positions is for June 7 - July 22

  • 1 Male Counselor - Must be 18+
  • 1 Lounge Staff - Must be 16+
  • 1 Office Staff - Must be 18+
  • 1 Photographer - Must be 18+
  • 1 Scooter Instructor - Must be 18+
  • 2 Dishwashers - Must be 16+






BMX Racing News - Monday - May 8, 2017






BMX Racing News - Monday - May 1, 2017

Joris and Connor trade Pro wins in Atlanta

Chase BMX Race Report - USABMX Dixieland Nationals - Atlanta, Georgia 
Round 5 of the 2017 USA BMX Pro Series tour took the riders to the newly built Dixieland BMX track in Atlanta, GA. 
Both Connor and Joris were coming off a great weekend of racing in Austin and looking forward to having another successful weekend in Atlanta, but little did they know how good the event would go for them.

On Friday night, they would line up for the main event and have the crowd amped for the finale. Joris would take the hole shot, with Connor just behind him, and the two would race Tioga tire to tire until Joris was able to slightly gap Connor and ride his way to victory.

On Saturday, it was Joris and Connor who were stand outs in the qualifying racing one again, and as they were on the gate for the main they were ready to battle it out for the last race of the weekend. When the gate slammed down, it was Joris once again with a lead, but Connor was right on his rear wheel the entire lap. Heading into the last turn, Connor turned it up, pulled side by side with Joris and edged him out at the line for the win!

With the Chase Pros sweeping the weekend, its the perfect way for them to be ready to head off to into the UCI World Cup season with wining momentum for the 1st 2 rounds of the 2017 UCI BMX SX race season, with 4 SX events over 2 weekends of racing in Holland and Belgium. Tune into to watch all the race action.







BMX Racing News - Wednesday - APRIL 26, 2017

Fields and Daudet Dominate at USABMX Lone Star National

Chase BMX Race Report - USABMX Lone Star Nationals - Pflugerville, Texas

Connor Fields back on top with a win, while Joris Daudet continues his consistent season with two 2nd place finishes.

The USA BMX Pro Series continued this past weekend in Pflugerville, Texas for the Lone Star Nationals. The traditional track is spiced up with a 5 meter starting hill, giving the perfect blend of old school and new for the Pro riders to take to the perfectly groomed Central Texas BMX track.

Both Connor and Joris would be racing the Lone Star Nationals aboard their new Chase ACT 1.0 Carbon frames for the first time, and they seemed to love the feel of the new Chase frames on track!

On day for the for the Elite riders, 27 of the worlds fastest Men lined up on the gate, trying to qualify their way into the main event. Both Joris Daudet and Connor Fields looked fast and made their want into the Main event. Joris has been the most consistent Elite rider this season, while Connor is coking back from his early season set back in Oldsmar, with his crash. When the gate dropped for the finale, they both took to the front of the pack, but neither were able to get ahead of Corben Sharrah before the first turn.

Joris was just behind him, with Connor in tow, and they tried there best to run down Corben. Joris made a last ditch effort at the finish and after the photo of the riders crossing the line was reviewed, Joris would just miss out on the win, with Corben taking the victory, and Connor just behind both in 3rd.

On Day 2, the Chase duo would once again race their way into the Main event. This time, Connor and Joris were the 2 stand outs and battled head to head all the way into turn #1, with Connor edging out Joris. Connor would have clear air in front of him and was able to open up a small lead over Joris and ride to victory, with Mr. Daudet finishing just behind, for 1 - 2 result for the Chase Pro team!

Both riders now will have a few day off before heading to Atlanta for the next round of the USA BMX Nationals and then both will head over to Europe for the opening rounds of the 2017 UCI BMX SX race season, with 4 SX events over 2 weekends of racing.

As always, thanks to our great group of partners and sponsors of the Chase BMX Pro team:






BMX Racing News - Thursday - APRIL 20, 2017

new Pride Racing Website Unleashed!

We are super happy to launch our new Pride Racing Website (

With this new website we would like to make something super clean with cool pictures and lot of personal contents to explain a little be more who we are and what we do at Pride Racing.

Now consumers can see all our products but also find the nearest dealer with our dealer locator.

Besides this new website we launch today our Team Camp Video [Part 1].

Last February we invited our Factory Team at Pride Racing Headquarters for our annual team camp.

We took this opportunity to make a cool video split up in two part, 1st Part Warehouse session and 2nd Part Riding Session (19th April Online) .

This video show a little bit more our personality and our team spirit, not serious all the time, BMX is Fun right?

Pride Racing Team Camp Video [Part 1]






BMX Racing News - Wednesday - APRIL 12, 2017



For More Information, visit




BMX Racing News - Thursday - APRIL 6, 2017



BMX Racing News - Wednesday - March 28, 2017


BMX Racing News - weekend update - March 17, 2017

























































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