The Night Steven Tyler Rocked BMX

At The 2001 ABA BMX Grands!

Steven Tyler Rocks The Pros.....Photo Gallery below!

One of the coolest cats in Rock N Roll, Steven Tyler made a visit to the 2001 ABA BMX Grands and BMX Mania was there to capture the action. Well, not any racing action went on but Steven did take a few pedals around the track, and was impressed with what he saw.

After his intro to BMX, some of the top pros who were still hangin' around after Pro Practice lined up for some photos and since the BMX Mania camera was still out and ready for action, it became the official camera for the event.

Steven was super cool about hangin' out. He readily posed, signed autographs and chatted everyone up, he was so easy going and accommodating. Funny thing. Every photo that he took with people, he made an effort to make it 'the best one' of the evening. When he posed with Mike Gonz and Derek Betcher, he grabbed the two riders in a big hug and reached over snatched Gonz' cap off his head and slapped it sideways on his own, making the photo, "just a little bit' more memorable. A very cool dude, who made everyone around him feel good, for sure the coolest celebrity that I've ever met!

But, of course, after I got done taking everyone else's photo with Steven, I totally forgot to get one of my own! Ha! All good and a great night of BMX with Aerosmith's, Steven Tyler!

Steven Tyler Rocks BMX Photo Gallery!

Rock Star status! Well, 'mini' status, with the golf cart instead of a limo, but there's no denying that the dudes a rock star! ST took a turn at checkn' out the start gate, along with dirt jumper, Greg Andreoli and his daughter Chelsea. Steven Tyler with his host for the evening, ABA's B.A. Anderson. With ABA National Team Shannon Gillette, Billy D, Greg Leasure, BA, ST, Dean Hickey, Dan Mooney, Bill Morris, Isaac Terrey. The rock star draws a crowd. Steven with ABA AA Pro Champ, Wade Bootes. ST with BMX Mania buddy, Brian Strieby. With BMX Champions, Dale Holmes and Cristian Becerine. Mike Gonz & Derek Betcher. ST grabbed the riders reached over snatched Gonz' cap off his head & slapped it on his own, making the photo, "just right".
With 2 time UCI World Champ, Natarsha Williams Birk. With the legendary Roberto "RM59" Miranda. "The Jackal", John Purse & Nicole with Mr. Rock Star. Juan Carbo with Steven Tyler. Thanks, Buddy! Steven Tyler used Greg Leasure's bike to cruise the track. BMX star, Todd 'The Wildman' Lyons with rock star Steven Tyler. Photo Bomb! Leave it to Dale!